JiuHe Holds Semi-Annual Meeting of 2017

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JiuHe held a semi-annual meeting of 2017 in the afternoon of July 18, summarizing the work done during the first half of this year and arranging the tasks for the second half. The company's Chairman Yu Jianzhen and other leaders including Lu Jumin, Yu Jianheng, Chen Heng and Liu Leijun participated in the conference. All the staff of the company and of its subsidiaries SHANGHAI DJWH NEW ENERGY CORP LTD., SHANGHAI JHDL LPG SHIPPING CO., LTD. and SHANGHAI JUZHOU NETWORK TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, JiuHe's Administration & HR Department announced the performance evaluation results of each department for the second quarter and the Finance Department announced the actual fulfillment of each company's business targets. In addition, the leaders of the four companies made a brief analysis of the results and the actual fulfillment.

Chairman Yu made the summary speech. He expressed his full appreciation of the work highlights realized in the first half of this year. The highlights are as follows: 1. Progression of major work. The work related to the company's transformation and upgrade has been promoted. 2. Stable operation. JiuHe’s major businesses of shipping, ship trading, liquefied gas trading and E-commerce remained healthy and stable development. 3. Constant improvement of management level. JiuHe took many new measures in promoting the standardized management.

Besides, Yu stressed that the work for the rest of the year will be very hard and needs the concerted efforts of all of us. He put forward three major points: 1. Acceleration of the operation upgrade of the shipping business. Safety shall be put in the first place. The shipping business shall be expanded to gain strong revenues. 2. Enhancement of marketing. Various measures shall be taken to enhance the exploration of the ship trading business. As for the liquefied gas trading, the distribution model shall be used to increase the market share. 3. Improvement of Eshiptrading.com's trading functions.

The conference not only concluded the achievements and weak points in the work of the past six months, but also put forward the priorities for the rest of the year. All of us will unite as one and overcome difficulties to achieve the goal set at the beginning of the year.