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Enterprise Spirit: Credibility, High Efficiency, Professionalism, Innovation
Credibility: JiuHe treats its partners, clients, and staff with sincerity. JiuHe believes that credit and honesty wins both regular clients and new customers.
Professionalism: JiuHe deals with all businesses related to the ship trading industry with professional knowledge on vessels and ship trading, professional business skills, and professional working attitude. JiuHe respects professionalism, which can be considered that it respects talents and science. JiuHe aims to become a first-class expert in the ship trading industry in terms of each employee, functional department, and JiuHe itself.
High Efficiency: JiuHe pursues efficient work process and results. The pursuit of high efficiency is required by the era, clients, JiuHe itself, and all of its staff. High efficiency can help JiuHe challenge new peaks one after another.
Innovation: JiuHe's sustainable growth entails innovation amid the international market competition. Innovation can make JiuHe defeat rivals and win market shares; innovation can make JiuHe compete with itself and brace for challenges in the future. Innovation requires JiuHe to constantly supply various vessels and techniques, as well as advanced service modes and quality services which meet the needs of its clients.

Business Philosophy: Long-lasting, Harmonious Development
Long-lasting Development: JiuHe pursues the sustainable, healthy, and steady growth with an aim to make contributions to the society and provide a platform for staff's development.
Harmonious Development: JiuHe intends to grow harmoniously in the society together with its staff.

Corporate Vision: to become a leading enterprise in the ship import & export industry